Storecove first access point in all four PEPPOL territories (EU, AU, NZ & SG)

Europe's Digital Single Market is built on pan-European legislation, which enable convenient cross-border online digital services. Currently, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eDelivery Building Block supports the use of the AS4 messaging protocol by public and private entities (including SMEs) to create a secure channel for the transmission of documents and data by electronic means, over the internet or via a private network.

AS4, a Conformance Profile of the OASIS ebMS 3.0 specification, both provides evidence relating to the handling of the transmitted data, as well as protecting it against the risk of loss, theft, damage or any unauthorised alterations.

Storecove, a SaaS e-invoicing solution provider based in The Netherlands, with offices in Australia, and a fully AS4 compliant Peppol Access Point, managed in December 2019 to become the first access point in the world to be accredited by the authorities in all four PEPPOL territories: the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The PEPPOL network enables businesses across Europe to communicate electronically with public buyers in various stages of the procurement process and is being used by various European governments, service providers and private companies, but is also being used beyond in countries such as Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

The PEPPOL Authorities decided to make support for the PEPPOL AS4 profile mandatory in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network. This decision will take effect as of 1 February 2020 and it means that every participant in the PEPPOL network must be capable to support the AS4 protocol.

The European Commission welcomes the increased use of AS4 within OpenPEPPOL, together with OpenPEPPOL's own international growth as a network. This demonstrates clear progress towards the adoption of open, secure standards in Europe.